People and Roads Part 1: Jake




One evening Jake set his tent next to mine:

DSC 0209


The bottle you see in the back was half empty when I came back to the camp site. When we went to sleep it was empty.

What can I say? One of the most honest and nice guys I met so far on my whole trip since more than a year!

His bike has stile. If you ride a Harley, then please one like this.

All his words have stile, genuine, no facade, no bullshit. If you speak, please speak like this.

I hope he writes back to my e mail address, so I can send him pictures from the Prudhoe Bay, where he could not go, because of a technical issue. I hope I make it there myself.

What a great meeting this was, a real brother. To each thing one told, a meaningful and positive answer was given by the other. Simple words and very true.

DSC 0214

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