Postscript ...

So, what is still to say?

My instinkt was right, that the "Riots" were completly steered. People had to suffer because it was for the positioning of politicians. Once the weapons were in the country they got used.

100 riders would come, what an image ... . If you hear that in the future, you knbow its time to leave quick as long you can.

Probably the same guys who were getting ready those days, standing at the corners, all dressed in black, waiting for signs to start, after they were picked up, organized, from the country side, the same guys who capture young woman, because they dont get a wife otherwise, rape them and beat them to quietness. The bastards dont do it alone, they are not even strong enough to break a woman down just by themselves. Not giving a chance to the woman, they take the "help" of 3 or 4 "friends". Its all true what you can read online about it.

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