Tallinn, final stage and premiere 18.4.2013

Tallinn 18.4.2011, Theatre NO 99 

With: Reimo Sagor, Jörgen Liik, Jarmo Reha, Veiko Porkanen, Ragnar Uustal, Markus Dvinjaninov, Roman Maksimuk, Simeoni Sundja. 

Text and material by the actors.

In collaboration with Mart Kangro

The actors make fictional presents for each other.

Simeoni takes Veiko on a walk with closed eyes and tells him the changes in the surrounding; Veikos return present is a walk on water, also with closed eyes, and a catch with a hug at the end; Jörgen gives Ragnar the  kings crown for an island, Roman paints a portrait of Reimo, bringing his artistic soul into the composition; Ragnars return to Jörgen is a collection of various presents like being a rockstar, parachuting, formula 1 driving, and all that under the adoring eyes of his girlfriend; Reimo gives Roma a hand-mimic fairy tale which he has to make real; and finally Markus turns the idea around, he gives the decision about his own life or death into Simeonis hands.

Special thanks to Jarmo Reha for his contribution and Ideas!

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