Thanks to friends and the organizations which take the risk with me!

This Project is currently supported by:

Joint Adventures-NPN Germany, Movement Research, La Mecedora, Don and Joni Siewert, the donators of 50/50 and buyers of certain Routes and Stations

The first part of this project was supported by:

 Joint Adventures-NPN GermanyKunststiftung NRW, Choreographic Center Pact Zollverein Essen, Theatre NO99 Tallinn, Foundation Cialo Umysl Warsaw, Xing Bologna, Goethe Institute MilanGoethe Institute Sofia, Goethe Institute Chennai, Goethe Institute DhakaGoethe Institute Beijing.

Special Thanks I owe the Motorcycle Outfitter Touratech for the reduction on their parts!


Still, this project has a more then tight budget. If you are able to give a place to sleep over night on the travels or any other support, it would be greatly apprecialted.

For further donation to be able to continue this project, please see   

50/50 Donation and Sale of Routes and Stations

or contact: thomaslehmen@thomaslehmen.de

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